Benefits you deserve

Marie Stopes Australia is an enjoyable place to work in part because of the work environment created by our team members. We are also incredibly results oriented and have high expectations, always striving to do more with what we have and expanding the range and nature of our impact for women. For your dedication, passion and hard work you will be rewarded with our support and benefits - both financial and non-financial.

Supportive Team Environment

We can guarantee that you will be surrounded by focused, intelligent, caring, talented individuals that are more interested in doing good than looking good. As a team we all contribute in different ways, combining our unique skill-sets and personal attributes to create a truly fulfilling working environment with purpose and measurable results.

Competitive Salary and Benefits package

Marie Stopes Australia offers a competitive mix of salary and benefits.

Paid Parental Leave (in addition to the government scheme)

Our mission is children by choice not chance, and for those team members that would like to start a family or grow their current family, we offer 12 weeks paid leave. This benefit is provided for team members who have been with the company on a permanent basis for 12 months or more.

Employee Assistance Program

Marie Stopes Australia aims to support the wellbeing of our team members. At any time, you may be faced with personal or work related concerns that would benefit from the support of an independent third party. We work with Davidson Trahaire Corpsych to provide services to our staff, enabling them to discuss any problems they may have whether they be related to work, home, family, finances, health and legal problems.

Training and Development

We are committed to personal and professional development. We recognise that learning must be an integral and on-going part of an individual’s whole working life, and offer mentoring opportunities, and a work environment that will allow you to hone your skills in new areas, with the support you need to reach new heights. If you do wish to enroll in formal education, we provide flexible working arrangements in lieu of financial support for those taking on study that serves to also benefit our organisation.

Salary Packaging

A registered Public Benevolent Institution, Marie Stopes Australia is able to provide team members with the opportunity to salary package a certain amount of their fortnightly pay, reducing the amount of tax payable. General living expenses such as mortgage/rent and health insurance are among a number of expenses which can be packaged.