Benefits you deserve

For your dedication, passion and hard work you will be rewarded with our support and benefits - both financial and non-financial. This includes our on-going commitment to your personal and professional growth through annual 'Performance Plus', training and other opportunities. Marie Stopes International Australia is an enjoyable place to work in part because of the work environment created by our team members.
Supportive Team Environment
At Marie Stopes International Australia, we can guarantee that you will be surrounded by focused, intelligent, caring, talented individuals. As a team we all contribute in different ways, combining our unique skill-sets and personal attributes to create a truly fulfilling working environment. And we are all dedicated to achieving the organisation's Mission.
Competitive Salary and Benefits package
At Marie Stopes International Australia we offer a competitive mix of salary and benefits.
Paid Parental Leave (in addition to the goverment scheme)
Our mission is children by choice not chance, and for those team members that would like to start a family or grow their current family, we offer 12 weeks paid leave. This benefit is provided for team members who have been with the company on a permanent basis for 12 months or more.
Employee Assistance Program
Marie Stopes International Australia aims to support the wellbeing of our team members, and at times there may be concerns (personal or work) that a team member that may benefit talking with a third party. MSI works with Davidson Trahaire Corpsch to provide a service for its team members, enabling them to discuss any problems related to work, home, family, finances, health and legal problems.
Training and Development
Marie Stopes International Australia is committed to personal and professional development. We recognise that learning must be an integral and on-going part of an individuals whole working life. Our team members are supported in their development through annual appraisals - which include the development of personal learning plans.
Salary Packaging -PBI
Marie Stopes International Australia has been endorsed as a Public Benevolent Institution. This provides team members with the opportunity to salary package a certain amount of their fortnightly pay and reducing the amount of tax payable. General living expenses such as mortgage/rent and health insurance are among a number of expenses which can be packaged.